Law & LegalWhat made you want to look up legislation? Please inform us where you read or heard it (together with the quote, if potential). He who would dare to undertake the political creation of a folks must imagine that he can, in a way of talking, transform human nature; rework every particular person — who, by himself, is a solitary and excellent whole — into a mere part of a better whole from which the person will henceforth obtain his life and being. Thus the one who would undertake the political creation of a people ought to believe in his potential to change man’s structure; to strengthen it; to substitute for the bodily and unbiased existence received from nature, an existence which is partial and ethical. 7 In brief, the would-be creator of political man should remove man’s personal forces and endow him with others which can be naturally alien to him.

The precept of the republican authorities is virtue, and the means required to determine advantage is terror. In our country we desire to substitute morality for selfishness, honesty for honor, rules for customs, duties for manners, the empire of reason for the tyranny of style, contempt of vice for contempt of poverty, satisfaction for insolence, greatness of soul for self-importance, love of glory for love of cash, good people for good companions, advantage for intrigue, genius for wit, fact for glitter, the attraction of happiness for the boredom of pleasure, the greatness of man for the littleness of the … Read More