7 Security Accessories Every Home Needs

Everybody wants to live in a secure home. We only want to raise our children in a safe and comfortable environment.

There has been an increase in home breakages, burglaries, and in worse cases rape and assault.

These can be linked to a lot of people losing their jobs and the hard economic times we are in.

For this reason, you want to ensure that you are not a victim of a home burglary.

In this article, we shall be laying down some of the security accessories every home needs to have right now.

1.  Personal security gadgets

Safety begins with you. While most of us and not financially privileged to walk around with bodyguards armed with all sorts of weapons, the least we can do is equip ourselves with personal security gadgets.

Simple personal security gadgets to keep yourself safe at all times. A good example is a stun gun. If you’re living in the state of Hawaii, skip this part because stun guns are illegal in your state.

Another good personal protection equipment everybody needs to own is a security alarm.

If you’re facing danger and you cannot scream for help, a good way to communicate for help is to press your personal security alarm.

It is loud enough to alert anybody or scare your attacker.

Personal Security Alarms will range depending on how loud the alarm is the quality of the brand.

Visit US-Reviews.com to find personal security alarm companies, did what other consumers have to say about the different brands, and how effective and efficient the Security alarms are.


After all, nobody wants to spend that much money on any security gadget unless they are sure they are getting good value for money. There’s no better way to do this than by reading reviews.

2.  Home surveillance cameras

Home surveillance cameras are the basic security accessories to every home protection system.

Not only do they help in deterring criminals from getting near your home but also help you remotely monitor what is happening within your own house.

It cannot completely deter criminals from breaking into your home it will help police identify the perpetrators of that home invasion.

In case any valuables are lost you will have enough proof to secure insurance benefits.

Advancement of technology has also seen developments of motion detector CCTV cameras where you get notified when the sensor detects nearby people or objects.

This has significantly helped prevent the occurrence of a crime.

3.  Digital door, and window lock

Regular door locks are not as efficient as they were in the previous years. For your home security, you might need to have a digital door lock.

They work in such a way that using a combination of codes, known to you and the members of your household, the door unlocks. Some securities companies make fingerprint sensor door locks.

Some smart door locks allow you to grant access to friends or guests for a limited or set amount of time.

Smart window locks, on the other hand, work almost in the same manner as the door ones. They have automated features that help you control your window locks remotely using your phone.

Some are very sensitive and will detect movements around the areas surrounding the window.

4.  Digital door, window, & garage alarm

The most common break-in points in a house are the windows, doors, and garage.

Every homeowner should tighten their security around these areas by installing alarms.

Digital door, garage, and window alarms go off when they detect the movement of people or objects.

5.  Peephole camera

Another form of digital protection you can add to your home security system is a digital peephole camera.

The camera will allow you to see the person but the person on the other side of the door will not see you.

6.  Doorbells

To top your list of home protection gadgets, you should consider getting a smart doorbell.

When someone presses your doorbell, a digital peephole camera will detect motion see and hear the person knocking at your door.

7.  Smart bulbs

Last but not least we have security smart bulbs. They are also called monitor detector lights.

Pillow protector house by scaring off Intruders. Once they detect motion they automatically go on this lets the intruder know that you are either inside your house or they are being monitored.


Some other security accessories worth mentioning include sirens or alarm padlocks that go off once someone tampers with them.

Fake security cameras also do offer some form of security as they deter anybody from getting to your property for the fear of being identified.

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