Best chances for healthy and happy family


Effectiveness of infertility treatment is measured by successful results in the form of a happy family with a healthy child. ADONIS IVF and ICSI treatment procedures are characterized by the highest success rate of infertility treatment, which significantly increases your chances to conceive.

According to the analyzed data, the 2020 year for ADONIS was the most profitable in terms of effective treatment with healthy-born children. We do our utmost every day to be better and more qualified. ADONIS skilled specialists have the knowledge of worldwide level, but still improving their skills and specialization.

Cost of ivf and icsi treatment

ADONIS IVF and ICSI Programs are highly accessible with quality assurance. The widest variety of options is included into the package, so as to ensure the real comfort and total control during the whole stay in our medical establishment.

The price of ADONIS treatment package includes:

  •  Cryopreservation services for both women and men genetic material (ADONIS’ own cryo bank is the assurance of your future and total control of your genetic material during the whole period of preservation)
  •  Translation services for the patients’ documents (passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, agreements) and total support in other lingual community
  •  Coordination services throughout the whole treatment process. We ensure your full awareness about the tiniest aspects of the examination results, infertility program nuances and many other
  •  Free second medical opinion for those people who want to proceed the treatment process with ADONIS, to establish great communication between you and your personal doctor, to exchange the intentions and a vision of the treatment process

Please, pay your attention that the full list of services included into the ADONIS treatment package is dependent on your chosen IVF or ICSI Program and should be discussed individually in consultation with the coordinator or personal doctor.

We create real opportunities and provide happiness for people. With the ADONIS cost of IVF and ICSI procedures, the fertility problems are no more a great deal – it is your chance to experience the best service of ADONIS and become the happiest parent with the baby on hands.

ADONIS always provides the full information about your treatment process before and during the medical pace.

The main preparatory stages before IVF treatment are the following:

  •  Ovulation stimulation
  •  Puncture and fertilization
  •  Embryos cultivation and transfer
  •  Luteal phase maintenance for HCG result
  •  Fetal heartbeat confirmation with ultrasound

The main aspects of the processes and their knowledge is really essential for the patient and great results. Precautionary measures, self-preservation and physics understanding will increase even more your chances to conceive. With ADONIS Fertility clinics you will have the whole amount of information without borders and difficulties.

If you are looking for the best infertility treatment – ADONIS IVF and ICSI procedures are your choice of happiness and quality!


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