Facial plastic surgery for beauty and youthfulness

Facial plastic surgery is the separate surgery section that helps people from the whole world to reach their ideal appearance and feel themselves so beautiful and self-confident.

The biological aging process usually begins in the second half of life resulting in the first signs of age-related changes of the face. The reason for this is the reduction of elastin, collagen and their percentage in adipose, muscle, bone, facial and aponeurotic tissues. This leads to the formation of wrinkles, folds and sagging of the skin. With the help of the latest equipment the opportunity of your prolonged youthfulness is really affordable and easy-to-start.

ADONIS Facial plastic surgery Center provides only the most qualitative treatment in compliance with the newest technologies and worldwide standards-setting.

The main ADONIS directions in the aesthetic plastic surgeries are: 

  • Facial beauty surgeries
  • Body contouring and lift
  • Breast correction and lift
  • Dentistry health
  • Hair transplantation

The variety of options in ADONIS Beauty clinics are developed with the help of our best specialists to make your life better and to ensure your safety and control over the whole process.

Facial plastic surgery qualitative help

ADONIS provides a list of Programs for your face beauty and youth. The services that will help to restore the elasticity of your face, give it a more youthful look, correct sagging skin and muscles, as well as remove excess fatty tissue and smooth out wrinkles.

The ADONIS facial procedures include:

  • your personal doctor that focuses on your desired surgery results and discuss all the points of the processes
  • individually adapted treatment plan in compliance with your case history, endured operations and diseases, possible allergies (including medicine allergies), harmful habits and many other factors
  • plan of examinations selected individually for you on the basis of ADONIS own laboratory
  • all-round care during the Facial surgery Program and till the full recovery
  • list of professional recommendations and measures for rehabilitation
  • affordability of facial plastic surgery cost
  • medical lead-up during the rehabilitation stage from ADONIS highly experienced staff
  • great results that improve your quality of life together with moral and physical health

ADONIS Beauty and Facial plastic surgery ensures the effective treatment based on the latest knowledge, long-term experience of the staff and modern facilities for procedures and diagnosis. The world renowned ADONIS clinics help people not only from Ukraine, but from the different countries to regain desirable beauties.

The following procedures from ADONIS Beauty are available for everyone: 

  • otoplasty
  • eyebrows plasty
  • blepharoplasty
  • chin endoprosthesis
  • neck lift
  • bisha lumps removal
  • two-third of facelift
  • cheiloplasty
  • forehead lift
  • facelift

ADONIS Face beauty Programs provide the natural-looking results from the surgical procedures which virtually eliminate the unwanted changes relating to time and environmental influences. Total renovation for not only your look, but younger sense of self.

Professional help with the proper Program selection will help to reach the best results and change your life towards total beauty.

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