Is it risky to rent a house?

Either you are renting or buying a house, there are risks involved. For instance, as a tenant, you might be unlucky enough to have a troublesome person as your landlord. Also, the neighbourhood could turn out to be unsafe at any time. Here are tips to protect yourself as a tenant:

Get a renter’s insurance

One way to protect yourself is to get a renter’s insurance. This will cover the costs of any accident or emergency that happens in your home. it can serve as a cover for burglary cases, fire outbreaks, water damage, etc. Some insurance plans also cover car theft, as long as the car was parked on the rental property when it was stolen.

If you are looking to get insurance either as a tenant or houseowner, you should be sure that you patronize the right company. You should also make sure you get the right insurance policy for your home. You can get the required information to guide you on the insurance policy to choose and the insurance company to patronize by reading second home insurance companies reviews on BritainReviews. From the reviews, you will get information from customers that have gotten specific home insurance policies from specific home insurance company. You will get to know which policies and companies will guarantee you a positive experience.

Ensure you install new locks

Make it known to your landlord that you will like new locks to be installed in your home. You are likely not to know the previous occupant of the house and even if you do, you don’t know their intents toward your house. To be on the safe side, you should install new locks in your home. As such, no one with copies of the keys to the previous locks will gain entry into your home. Your landlord might not agree to this;  you have to do it by all means. It is a small price to pay for security.

Install a camera in your home

Having a streaming camera in your home will help you to see what is going on when you are not around. You can simply keep tabs on your home through apps on your smartphone. These cameras will also record any instance of movement. Even if something happens when you are not at home, you have the footage of the incident and can easily use it to track down the culprit. Also, you can install inexpensive, home security systems in your home.

Ensure you are clear about the items of your contract

Before you move into the house, make sure you are clear about the terms of service in the contract you signed. You should get a lawyer to explain clauses you don’t understand. You can also ask your landlord to explain in full detail and record him while doing so. This way, you will have evidence to back up your actions should anything happen in future. However, if you find that the terms of the contract are too much for you to abide by, you shouldn’t rent the house in the first place.

Ensure your outdoors are lighted

Don’t let you outdoors give the appearance that your house is not well-secured.  Ensure every route leading to your apartment is well-lit. You can choose to schedule the lights to come on only at night if you want to conserve energy. Also, you can fix fake security signs and cameras to your front door to keep intruders away. Most intruders won’t want to take the risk of being seen and arrested subsequently. Also, ensure you are on the alert always.

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